How to place bets in fish shooting games

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  As soon as we enter the game, the first thing to do is to place bets. By pressing the + (plus) sign to increase the bet or – (minus) to decrease the bet. This mark is located at the fish shooting gun area. In placing bets, there will be a minimum and a maximum depending on how much the UFABET game conditions are set. But the same thing is that the bet amount placed is equal to 1 bullet fired.

How to place bets in fish shooting games

Type of item used to help kill fish

          Because each shot counts. Therefore, using items to help kill is something that will help us reduce the use of ammunition even more. Most of the time, these items are available for every game. Which is divided into 3 types as follows        

                    1. Automatic fish kill item This type of item has a wide area destruction effect. Used for killing fish in large numbers, some games may be in the form of electric jellyfish that shock the fish throughout the scene. or fish that kill the same people But what every game is indispensable is a suicide crab with a bomb. When we kill the bomb, it bounces off to kill fish all over the scene.

                    2. Gun Type Items In addition to the normal guns and electric guns available from the beginning of the game, special guns are another item that often appear at about the same distance as boss fish. with a missile that can kill many fish at a time, but must be used in a specified time

                    3. The bottom of the chest item is an item that will only be available in the Hongkong shooting game. To use these items, we must make good decisions. Because most of them are available for use when needed, such as frozen fish items in the whole scene. Boss laser gun Item called fish to hunt points Including the Hong Kong item that we have to manage before agreeing to help kill the fish for us in the whole scene.