Former Spurs boss praises this player after Kai’s comeback pecks Yung Thong

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Former Tottenham Hotspur manager Tim Sherwood hailed one player in particular after Tottenham’s win over Lead. United last night

  Antonio Conte hints that he wants to add quality to his Tottenham Hotspur squad after seeing their side come back to win 4-3 in the Premier League last night. Tottenham trailed Jesse Marsh ‘s side on three occasions but got back into the game with goals from Harry Kane, Ben Davies and Rodrigo Bentancour before the Uruguayan midfielder took the lead. Scored the second goal and the winning goal late in the UFABET game.

Former Spurs boss praises this player after Kai's comeback pecks Yung Thong

          The goal sparked a frantic celebration from both the supporters inside the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and from the Spurs bench. As Conte and his staff expressed their relief after picking up the three points after the game, the Italian shared his joy of winning. But admits that his team will have to look for the right players to join the team if they want to compete with the big teams to win the biggest trophy.

          “You know if you want to be seen as a title contender “ You see the examples of Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and these teams are very strong . when i talk to you I will tell you that after just one year Don’t forget we played in the Conference League, you have to go through the process. you need time”

 “You have to be patient. You need the transfer market to improve the quality of your team. Today you saw the difference in having Kulusevski, Richarlison. It’s important for me as a coach to work. together with these players If you see the development of Rodrigo and Hojbir. The more it is, the more it is ′ ′ It needs to have these things as much as With improvements to the team if you want to fight for an important title . ”

 At the same time, the Italian coach mentioned Bentancur, who often scored goals to help the team survive in many games, saying that “Rodrigo has a lot of talent. He is physically strong. He played with patience. He has it all, so I try to push his potential as a top-class midfielder because he has personality. I think he is playing well. But I’m sure he can play even better.”

Tim Sherwood praised Dejan Kulusevski for his performance in the game. The former Tottenham Hotspur manager believes the Sweden winger played “outstanding” for Antonio Conte ‘s side in the north London game where the star started and completed. The 90 minutes impressed Sherwood and told   Sky Sports News : “Kulusevski was outstanding on the right flank.”