Emery praises Singha comeback despite being taken early

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Unai Emery, Aston Villa boss, raised the reaction of the team that was taken by the Brighton hosts early from the boos. But combined power to overtake and win, pointing out that Danny Ings will definitely hit a landslide if there is a good feeder

Aston Villa manager Unai Emery hailed the form of his side despite Brighton and Hove Albion  taking the lead early in the first minute of the UFABET match. but did not panic, rushing to score goals according to the equalizer Until returning to overtake and win 2-1 successfully in the English Premier League battle on Sunday, November 13, ready to believe that Danny Ings will shoot more. If someone gives a good ball

Emery praises Singha comeback despite being taken early

The seagulls had a quick goal from the first 49 seconds of the start of the match from Alexis Mac Allister, causing the visiting team to be frustrated as well. But then the rising lions received a penalty and were Ing who hit the equalizer in the 20th minute. Before the second half referred to the second goal to overtake and win with fun. Along with winning 2 matches in a row under the new trainer

After the game, the 51-year-old boss came out and said. Today I am very proud of our fans and our players. We played very well today. But I think we didn’t play great. But we play the way we want. after they quickly scored a goal We had an amazing reaction. It’s important to keep winning. But the most important thing is how we play. Motivate yourself and be disciplined.”

In addition, the Sing Phayong coach also mentioned the 30-year-old striker who scored two goals in this match. Today we are talking about his best position. If he can have players to help him make good passes. Then He was able to beat two centre-backs of the opposing team. He played very well today.

Aston Villa have now risen to 18 points. Rising to 12th in the table before the 2022 World Cup break takes about a month. To add more tactics than before in the next Premier League match. They will have an open house queue to welcome Liverpool on Monday