Choose fish that are worth the price.

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because each fish has different payout rates Most of the ones that die easily tend to pay less. Which one is hard to die, pay a lot. And another thing, the ammunition we buy, we can also set the price. Like placing a bet on how many baht will be invested in this eye Therefore, if using expensive ammunition to shoot cheap fish Even though it’s easy to die, it doesn’t seem worth it anyway.

Choose fish that are worth the price.

Hunt some big fish

Who uses cheap ammunition? Or if you want to use a small budget to enjoy the fish shooting game for a long time, you can hunt big fish with him as well. Because in this UFABET game, the price of ammunition does not affect the shooting power at all. Just a pay rate multiplier Now, when there is a big fish swimming in the range, you can manage to shoot. Even if it’s a single baht bullet, it can make a profit by killing big fish as well.

Use bonuses at the right time

While we are shooting fish, there are times when a bonus fish appears for us to shoot. And when you get a bonus, it doesn’t mean you have to use it right away. Like the freeze bonus, we can take the time when there are a lot of young fish together and freeze them before shooting to collect points. Or you can use it to soak the boss fish as well. It will also help us kill the boss more easily. Remember that right and right time will win for sure.