Byrne reveals the cause of Havertz’s whistling blow during the game

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Chelsea’s Germany international Kai Havertz was taunted by Newcastle United fans. For his boxing match with former rival Dan Burn during last night’s Premier League game.

   Dan Byrne spoke about the injury-time brawl between him and Kai Havertz after Newcastle United beat Chelsea 1-0 last night. Joe Willock’s brilliant second-halfstrike gave Eddie Howe ‘s men a narrow win at St James’ Park that lifted Newcastle into third place in the Premier League ahead of the World Cup break.

Byrne reveals the cause of Havertz's whistling blow during the game

         at the end of the race The players of both teams were involved in a brawl on the field after Bern and Havertz argue and grunt at each other. The two players had a history with each other before when the Chelsea striker escaped a red card for Elbow in front of the Newcastle defender During the game at Stamford Bridge last March And when asked about the events after Saturday’s game Byrne said 

         “Is it the emotion of the game? Kai and I had conflicts before. And it’s just part of the game. And sometimes the emotion beats you. But when you’re in that environment and trying hard in injury time and wanting to win the UFABET game. These things will happen.

         In this event, Havertz was mocked by Newcastle fans a lot, about that there were more fights on the field than shooting goals. One fan tweeted: “Havertz started more fights (once) than scored!”, “Havertz thinks he’s dashing. I wanted to laugh mate you were so bad,” while another tweeted: “I think Dan Byrne hasn’t forgotten that elbow in the face from Havertz at Stamford Bridge. [Last season]”, “I want Kai to get punched or hurt. So you won’t have to see him until he’s sold!”

 In this game, Jamal Lascelles received a yellow card without even playing. The Newcastle captain has played just 105 minutes this season. He was an unused substitute again in this game. Instead, they played a key role in slowing down the game late in the game. While the 29-year-old was ‘warming up’ on the sidelines when Chelsea made a stoppage-time throw-in , Marc Cucurella ran to the sidelines for a quick throw-in and Lascelles did his best to delay time. Cucuraya responded by pushing off the Newcastle substitute, but Lascelles acted as if he had done nothing wrong before referee Rob Jones couldn’t bear to hand out a yellow card as a gift. immediately

         Newcastle have reached 30 points in the Premier League , compared to last season, until March. “It’s good to hear that. Last season was a very difficult season. It’s very different to the season we’re going through this time,” Howe said. “We just want to get as many points as possible as quickly as possible. We enjoy the moment now. everyone is with Everyone is in unity. really fighting for the same purpose And the players tonight deserve a lot of credit for what they’ve done. “I think we’re in our best form of the season.”