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10 warning signs of "kidney failure"

10 warning signs of “kidney failure”

Nowadays, everyone knows that if you don’t want to have kidney disease. Don’t eat salty food. or reduce spicy food But if we continue to live our lives Eat some good food, some bad food. When will we realize that We may be at risk of kidney disease. Health notes to

Is "stomach pain after sex" a sign of danger?

Is “stomach pain after sex” a sign of danger?

Abdominal pain  can be considered a common ailment that tends to occur frequently. And usually there is no special danger, but symptoms of abdominal pain after sex May cause many people feel worried and suspected that it might be a sign of any danger Is it to the body? Let’s try to find

4 danger signs The digestive system is broken!

4 danger signs The digestive system is broken!

In addition to the brain, heart, and circulatory system that are of utmost importance to the body, the digestive system is something that none of us should overlook. Because everything we eat must be digested. and absorbed systematically If the organs used for digestion begin to malfunction It will

4 danger signs "Gallstones" and how to treat them

4 danger signs “Gallstones” and how to treat them

According to big companies Employees are often asked to have their health checked and have their bodies x-rayed or ultrasound on a regular basis. This is a very good thing for us to know whether our body is still normal or not. But instead of being comfortable It turned out to be